Peter Pandrew is the gut-wrenching story inspired by the true events of internet personality, Andrew Cristi's life. The novels deal with themes ranging from mental illness, sexuality, feminism, relationships, power, domination, identity, and coming of age- or lack there of.

Come with this powerful anti-hero on an incredible journey through his life as he refuses to grow up while he falls into one self-destructive situation after another. You find yourself rooting for him to triumph through them all, relating to him as he bares all in the most honest way you can imagine, with each chapter being like their own individual novel or adventure with an endless array of rich and real characters that come in and out of his life.

Be ready to have your eyes opened as the novel pushes the envelope at times to reveal a harsher reality than you could have ever expected, only to be brought back down to the most soothing and comforting fantasy land as you enter Andrew Cristi's Neverland.