In the first novel, we take a look at Andrew Cristi's early years- his upbringing, his teenage years, how he got the way he is and his early relationships...

We meet his family and see his relationship with them.

Who is "The Circle"? What effect do they have over our anti-hero and how do they shape him?

We watch him explore homosexuality openly and rebelliously.

We learn of his mental disorders and how he initially handles them.

Why does he fight with everyone?

Why is it that Andrew Cristi pushes everyone away? Why is he so oversexed? Why does he refuse to grow up? What is he always running off to go do? 



In the second novel, our favorite eternal little boy is now almost robotic and more heartless than ever as he pushes everyone away. He has found a place for himself in the world of fashion, working as a fashion stylist and enjoying the superficial lifestyle without any emotional attachment. In this book we ask...

...Why is Andrew so desperate to push everyone away?

How did Andrew get so obsessed with beauty?

Is he happy being emotionally detached from everyone?

Why is he so obsessed with DEATH?

What is the new job he chooses at the end of the book...and what happens that scares him more than anything?

Find out in the compelling game-changer sequel in The Peter Pandrew Trilogy, PETER PANDREW: PART II: ADVENTURES IN DYING.


The third installment to the trilogy starts up in an even faster pace than the previous one let's off, giving the reader no time to breathe as they follow Andrew Cristi's mania through his new relationships as he returns to school to study psychology. Never older and never wiser, the same self-destructive Andrew is up to his same old tricks, leaving the audience asking just one question...

....Doesn't Andrew Cristi ever learn?

Be prepared to be whisked off to Cristi's Neverland to find out the answer in PETER PANDREW: PART III: ADVENTURES IN LIVING.


"Peter Pandrew is self-exploration at it's absolute finest. Writer Andrew Cristi delves deep into his often-disturbed psyche and takes us through a life that no one would ever want to let their mother read, without any shame, without any personal bias.

He never pens the story to appear victimized or self-pitying and often portrays himself as the villain in most situations. The self-awareness is deafening as he gives you a truly wonderful, multidimensional anti-hero.

Never once does the narcissism let up- and never once do you want it to. Peter Pandrew manages to be funny, sexy, heart-breaking, thought-provoking and inspiring all at the same time.

It's not a gay story or a straight story. It's a story for anyone who's ever been forced by society to grow up.

The only person that it might NOT be a story for?

Is Andrew Cristi's mother." ~Anonymous

"I'm not a reader and I want to read this book every free minute I get. It's almost impossible to find anything this honest. Andrew Cristi never sugar-coats anything and never wastes time trying to bad-mouth a character... he humanizes them. You sympathize with everyone's flaws and realize that absolutely no one is perfect- no one is black and white. No one is depicted as a hero or a villain- just real- especially Cristi.

He throws himself into the book and never holds back from letting you see the real him or why his relationships might fail- whether it be his all or nothing mentality, his blatant sexuality, or the way he get's under a person's skin and into their thoughts in a way that spooks them and makes them run for the hills.

Either way, the book never manages to be a sob story. It's just FUN. I want to send it to everyone I've ever met so they can talk about it with me. It's thought provoking and exciting and I'm just so glad I have a third part still waiting for me. The only thing that upsets me is that it's almost over... which makes me really anxious to purchase the fully edited copy just to see what Andrew Cristi includes." ~Anonymous